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First line of the beach, lots of greenery and 2 swimming pools - meet the MC7


Today, our hero is an apartment in Mi Capricho, an estate located by the sea in Calahonda. In fact, this is only half the truth, because our client, the current owner of the apartment, is a much more important protagonist. Why? Read on!

It all started with golf

Three years ago, a golf coach I knew contacted me:

- Tatiana, my client realized that he would like to be able to play golf also in winter. He has been to the Costa del Sol several times and he likes it there. Can you help him find something suitable?

- What a question, of course we can help. – I replied.

And our story began there. First, the client's son, also a golfer, called us and told us about his father's dream. It turned out that the apartment is absolutely NOT supposed to be next to the golf course, because they like to play on different courses and do not want to be attached geographically to one. In addition, our client is a seasoned investor and wants to put his future apartment to work, i.e. rent it for the summer

Klaudia, Mi Capricho and MC7

Klaudia took care of the case. Because she knows how to listen to clients, she selected a few proposals which, in her opinion, were good investments and met the criteria set by the clients. It went fast after their arrival. They looked at everything and the decision was made. Mi Capricho, an estate located first line beach, with two swimming pools and lots of greenery, has stolen the heart of our client. He opted for an apartment with 2 bedrooms, a spacious living room and a terrace, with a beautiful view of the sea, swimming pool and garden. The apartment needed refreshing, air conditioning replacement, new furniture and preparation for short-term rental. We took care of everything and the apartment started working. Already in the first season, which is usually not the best one, our MC7, because that's what we call them, showed that it definitely has something to it. guests described the apartment as "fantastic".

Yes, he did it again

Now this gem is also on sale. Why? Because less than a year after the first purchase, our client fell in love for the second time and bought another apartment in the same estate. And recently… "yes, he did it again!", came Cupid's third arrow. And to be able to buy a third apartment, he decided to sell the first one. With heartache, he says, and not at any cost. Our task is to find a new owner for the MC7 who will appreciate it. It should go into good hands. Do any of you have them? ☺

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