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The sale of Villa Alcuzcuz – the demand for luxury properties in Spain is constantly growing


Villa Alcuzcuz, which you can admire on our website, has been sold. The sale of one of the outstanding real estate properties at a time when a large part of the world is wondering what 2021 will bring us, underlines Marbella's position as one of the most important places in Europe for the construction of luxury real estate.

The villa has been awarded many times. It received the Best Architecture Award in Spain and Best Architecture Award in Europe from the International Property Awards, beating other great projects from Portugal, France, Italy, Poland and Cyprus.

Designed by a group of world-renowned architects, the villa under construction is a perfect mix of tasteful architecture, latest technologies, care for the environment and unique interior design. Villa Alcuzcuz is a passive house, i.e. built with the highest standards in energy-efficient construction, quality and comfort. This style of construction guarantees up to 75 percent savings on energy costs compared to traditional technologies.

Interesting story of the sale of the Villa Alcuzcuz

The villa, the price of which oscillated around EUR 10 million, was bought by a customer from the US. Note: the buyer hasn’t seen it, because for obvious reasons he could not come to Spain. However, he could hire one of the most famous (and insightful) companies dealing with the quality assessment of construction projects. And he did it. The team from Madrid spent several days at the construction site, interviewed the contractors, measured, checked, looked everywhere, capturing everything in the pictures (they took over 800 of them!). After 3 weeks, they sent the client an almost 100-page report, which stated that:

  • They did not find any shortcomings in the work carried out so far,
  • They have never experienced such quality of construction in Spain before.

The customer on such a dictum only said: "I buy it".

In a wider context, this sale confirms the recent trends in the real estate market on the Costa del Sol. Demand for luxury real estate continues to grow and it has not changed even in the year marked by Covid-19 pandemic. We are observing the opposite trend: more and more people from the north of Europe are considering buying a luxury villa on the Costa del Sol. Many of them, especially now in winter, are attracted by the fantastic climate and specific lifestyle of Marbella.

Why did we write about it?

Because the same developer who is building the Villa Alcuzcuz has just received permission to build 18 luxury villas in the heart of the Golf Valley, between the exclusive Marbella and the beautiful Benahavis. If you are looking for quality, unconventionality and a guarantee of well-invested money, we invite you to familiarize yourself with this project 

Some highlights of the villa Alcuzcuz

  • It has 5 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms.
  • It stands on a south-facing plot with panoramic sea views.
  • It has beautiful terraces around a huge infinity pool overlooking the sea.
  • On the basement level, there is a 519 m2 room with a cinema area, a sports bar, a games area with a pool table, a DJ booth, a modern golf simulator, a fully equipped gym, a wellness area with treatment rooms, relaxation areas and a bathroom.
  • Especially for this villa, the team of interior architects designed "tailor-made" furniture, equipment and lighting.

The term "interior design" does not properly describe the process of creating these interiors. He suggests that after the construction work is completed, a group of designers will appear and design the interiors. And here happens exactly the opposite. Here, the interiors grow with the building, sometimes even ahead of it. Some rooms are designed around a single piece of furniture that existed before work on the villa design began.

Willa Alcuzcuz - front

Willa Alcuzcuz - salon

Willa Alcuzcuz - Costa del Sol


There is no room in this house that has not been carefully thought out, analyzed and properly designed. Each zone, even the smallest one, has been created to constitute an essential part of the whole. The master bedrooms are suites comparable to those offered by five-star hotels. The open kitchen allows free communication both at home and on the terrace. The living room and terrace form one beautiful open space with a panoramic view of the sea. Every detail has been thought out, the house, apart from being beautiful, is also very practical. We wish the new owners of Villa Alcuzcuz a lot of pleasure and happiness while living in such a fantastic place.

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