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What's up with the 18 villas project in the heart of the Golf Valley?


For over a year we have been involved in the sale of unique villas situated picturesquely in the hills between Marbella and Benahavis. There, in the heart of the Golf Valley, a completely new district is being built, consisting of 18 modern, passive villas, designed in harmony with nature. What's new in the project?

The project came out of the ground. The roads are already there and you can clearly see where each house will be built. Watch the movie on our YouTube channel and check out the fantastic views.

The project received two fantastic awards from the International Property Awards, which are important in the real estate industry

During this year's edition, the jury awarded the project of 18 villas with the prestigious award: "World's Best Residential Development"!

That's not all: the project also won the award: "Best Architecture in Europe".

The "International Property Awards" are a recognized benchmark of excellence in all real estate sectors around the world. They range from design, construction and presentation of real estate and investments, to architectural design and interior design, real estate and marketing. Candidates compete first at national, then regional and finally international level.

If you want to live in the best housing estate in the world, remember – there are still 5 villas for sale.

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