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Excel will tell you the truth, which is what 2022 was like for us


Surprising and hardworking - this is how I can sum up 2022 in a nutshell. After an intense year 2021 fuelled by memories of the pandemic, in the first months of 2022 investors' interest in real estate in Spain remained almost unchanged. And then came February 24 and Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

"Sell me anything as long as it's far from the Russian border"

This day reverberated widely in the world and on the Spanish real estate market as well. Our phones kept ringing. One day I picked up almost 40 of them - all from new potential buyers. Some of my interlocutors planned to buy a property in Spain in the unspecified future. The outbreak of war hastened their decision. Most of these people, however, had no plans to buy property in Spain at all, and it was the war across the eastern border that prompted them to contact us. These conversations basically boiled down to the statement: "sell me anything, as long as it's far from the border with Russia" ...

It was a difficult time . At that time, we all had great anxiety about the future, about the safety of our loved ones in Poland, and the panic in the voices of some of our interlocutors fuelled these fears. It was also frustrating for us that we couldn't help all these people. Their savings, which they wanted to invest so much on the Costa del Sol, were unfortunately not enough to buy something meaningful here. I'm sorry to repeat that we don't have apartments for 30.000 / 50.000 EUR and we can't help them… 

However, many people approached us with budgets allowing for some moves, and soon the #DreamTeam sales team was in full swing. It was so intense that in May the girls asked for support, because they decided that they had no more processing capacity, and there were no fewer people willing to buy. At that time, I faced a difficult decision: to join the team, or invite someone new to cooperate, knowing that this impact after the outbreak of war will not last forever? Should I wait for the dust of war to settle? I decided to wait it out and see what happens after the summer. 

"Locura de verano" (or summer madness in the hard version)

Summer - as every year - was crazy. Let's rent short-term is a river topic, once I even wrote something about it on our blog. In the high season, when the number of inhabitants of the Costa del Sol triples every day, things always happen that should not happen . Equipment breaks down (usually air-conditioning), keys are lost, various pipes break ... In addition, the heat is pouring from the sky, there are a lot of people everywhere, and traffic jams on the streets - then it's hard to have angelic patience. However, the girls endured it bravely, while providing the guests with the best possible service. 

In September, things returned to normal. The "Locura de verano" (meaning summer madness) is over, residents breathe a sigh of relief, and investors have returned to look for real estate to buy in peace. Polish customers continued to talk about the war, but it was clear that in a sense they had become accustomed to this situation. Shopping has become calmer, decisions have become more well-thought-out, the phrase "we are in no hurry" was heard more and more often. 

Dream Property Marbella - Zespół

Excel will tell you the truth, and valuable content will protect you

At the end of the year, looking at my favourite Excel table, which knows everything, I found that we are having another record year. For me, the reference is 2019, which has been Dream's best year so far. Comparing the results of the last two years with 2019, I bow low to the whole #DreamTeam. The reach of our website, blog and social media is breaking records. I am particularly happy about this, because relatively recently, in mid-2018, we started in this matter almost from scratch. A wise strategy and very intensive work of our two-person team bore fruit beautifully: they bring more and more buyers and, personally, great satisfaction for me. It turned out that the texts we publish are valuable not only for our new and "old" customers (who still read us!), but they also attract journalists from such titles as Newsweek, Rzeczpospolita or Forbes . It makes me happy. 

The numbers are also fun. Compared to 2019, the number of sales transactions has more than tripled, and the turnover has increased almost fivefold. It remains for me to wish the whole #DreamTeam and myself that this good streak will last as long as possible.

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