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How to buy a property in Spain, or how we do it in Dream Property?


Imagine yourself sitting on a terrace in a comfortable armchair. In front of you, there is a tropical garden with a swimming pool hidden under the shade of palm trees. A seaside vista unfolds before your eyes in the distance and you can feel a gentle touch of a cool breeze on your face. You are relaxed and calm. You feel... at home.

If you like this scene, read on, and we will tell you how to make it happen. Purchasing a property is always an important and costly decision, especially if it takes place outside of your country. In such case, the usual stress that accompanies any important decision-making is increased by the stress related to a language barrier or ignorance of the local market and processes taking place thereon. And here is where we step in. Our task is to guide you through the entire process of buying real estate, so that it proceeds without complications and makes you happy. 

First contact

During our first conversation, we will ask you a lot of questions. We will also ask you to describe your dream apartment or house in Spainwith as many details as possible. Everything is important, including the fact that you are afraid of spiders and do not want to live on the ground floor with a garden, or that you dream about the view of the sea and mountains at the same time (this is more difficult to achieve than avoiding spiders, but also doable). On the basis of information received from you, we will prepare and send you the first list of offers from which you will choose the ones that you find most interesting. Taking into account your choices, we will prepare another set, even better suited to your needs, and in this way we will create the final list of properties to see during your visit. 

Visit to the Costa del Sol

After selecting several properties, we will set a date for your visit. It is important to plan it appropriately, taking into account that your stay will have to cover some business days as well, because although properties can be viewed on Saturdays and sometimes even on Sundays, banks and attorneys don’t work on weekends, and we will also need to see them. 

As soon as you confirm the date of your arrival, we will organize visits to the properties, a meeting with an attorney and a visit to a bank in order to open an account for you. In other words, we will prepare all that is needed in the process of purchasing real estate in Spain. We will accompany you while viewing the properties and during other visits, if you feel that this is needed. It is usually necessary. Even those customers who speak Spanish or English feel more confident with us by their side. Especially that English language is not always sufficient here. 

There it is! Your dream property in Spain. And what next?

It is necessary to make an offer. If any of the properties you have viewed catches your eye, and you decide to purchase it, we will make an offer to the seller on your behalf and then the negotiations will start. You never know how the negotiations will go but usually you can expect a discount whenbuying from the secondary market. The times when discounts amounting to 30% of the purchase price werepossible are over. Now we have to approach the subject wisely and remember that the crisis inSpain is a thing of the past. Of course, there may be different life situations where the seller simply has an urge to sell a property, however, it obviously does not apply to every offer.

On the other hand, the matter of discounts on the primary market is completely different issue.Developers, as a rule, do not grant them. Of course, there are promotions and sellouts but if ahousing estate is built in an interesting location, it has an attractive look and the developer is in a soundfinancial condition, you have to be aware that paying the catalogue price for an apartment is probablyinevitable.

The process of buying a property in Spain

Once the price and payment terms are fixed, it is high time to reserve the property for yourself. The purpose of this step is to remove the property from the market, so that nobody snatches it right from under your nose. This is the first time you will have to reach into your wallet and pay the reservation fee that has been agreed with the seller. 

At this point, your attorney will receive the property documentation from us or the selling party’s attorney. His task will be to check whether the apartment or house you have chosen is subject to any legal flaws, urbanistic issues or other burdens. We will take care of the flow of informationbetween the parties to the transactionand will solve any problems on an ongoing basis. Usually, we have 30 days from the property reservation date to prepare the final transaction and sign the notarized deed. If a mortgage loan is involved, the above-mentioned time is proportionally longer.

On a specific day, we will meet at the notary’s office where we will gladly accompany you during the signing of a notarial deed, and where you will receive the keys to your Spanish apartment or house. If, for some reason, you are unable to appear at the notary’s office, your duly authorized representative will sign the deed on your behalf, and we will collect the keys and hand them over to you when you return to Spain. After the transaction, your attorney will take care of other formal matters: changing the property’s owner in Registro de la Propiedad (land and mortgage register), transferring utility service agreements, etc. 

And in this way you already own a property in Spain

If you need any assistance in settling in, after closing the transaction, we can arrange for the removal of unnecessary furniture, organize a renovation team or a cleaning crew, or do the shopping for you. 

If you decide that your property will be safer under our custody during your absence, you can hand us over the keys and determine the scope of our duties. Some clients ask us only for the care over their property, others want us to rent it out. All options are acceptable, therefore we determine the scope of our duties individually with each client.  

Now go back to the first paragraph of this text, read it again, and then call us.

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