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Holiday property rental in Spain, or how we do it


Do you like traveling? And how? By plane or by train? Or maybe you hitchhike? Does anyone remember what is it like and how does it work? Do you prefer to stay at a hotel or in a tent, or maybe in a camper van? There are so many ways to have a great holiday, and everyone has their favorite one. Many people would like to have a substitute of home on their holiday, therefore, the first part of this text is addressed especially to them.

Property rental in Spain with us?

The sale of properties has been and still is the basic business of Dream Property, while the (short-term) propertyrentals in Spainhas become a perfect complement to this activity. Upon giving their final purchase vows: “I buy”, our clients frequently ask us the following question: “And during our absence could you rent out our beautiful Spanish apartment / house / villa?”, depending on what type of property they have chosen. Knowing that the client has bought a nice property in an interesting location (after all, he has bought it with us!), we usually answer: “Sure!”, and in this way we have collected an interesting portfolio of rental properties to view on our website in the section:  rental properties in Spain.

Rental properties in Spain: the most important information

You can be sure that what you see on the photographs of the property you want to rent is what you really get. Two years ago, the Andalusian government introduced new regulations that effectively put into order the vast holiday rental market which operated completely unrestrainedly until then. Now every property offered for rent must be properly registered in a relevant registry office. Allocation of a registration number confirms that the property in question is ready to host guests and that it is adequately equipped and safe. Without that number, all the respectable web portals, such as Booking or TripAdvisor, that co-operate with us, will refuse to publish rental advertisements on their websites. 

Everything must be registered, including the guests

Registration of a property by Junta de Andalusia also involves the obligation to register guests. The check-in procedure is similar to that in a hotel: on arrival, each guest over the age of 16 is required to show an ID with a photograph. We fill in an appropriate form with the data copied from that document, the guest must sign the form and we have 24 hours to submit this form to either the police or the Guardia Civil. Theguests also receive and sign a property rental agreement together with a list of equipment and pay the deposit agreed with the owner, which we usually return when collecting the keys and after checking the condition of the property.

Failure to register the property and to carry out further administrative procedures involves high penalties imposed on both the owner of the property and the company that manages it, that is why we do not take unnecessary risks.

What can you count on by renting a property in Spain with us? 5* DP - Service 

In addition to a well-prepared and legally rented property, we have something else to offer: our 5* DP - service. We assume that if our guests decide to spend their long-awaited dream holidays in Spain in one of the properties from our portfolio and they pay the owner who pays us for our service, the guest should return from their vacation not only tanned, rested and delighted with the place where they have spent their holiday, but also with the feeling that during their stay they had us watching over their well-being and always answering the phone when they needed to talk to us. 

Versatility and hospitality above all

By renting a property in Spain with us, you can count on our help and assistance in many matters, such as:

  • organization of transfer from and to the airport,
  • help in renting a car, doing some shopping before your arrival,
  • organization of additional housekeeping during your stay,
  • booking tickets for a concert, match or flamenco show, or making a reservation in your favorite restaurant.

You can also count on us in unexpected situations. This service can be offered thanks to the support of our technical team. It was not easy to gather a trusted and efficient team, but over the years we managed to surround ourselves with people who think and work just like us, and understand that there are always people behind a brand or company, and clients and that it is the people who make our clients come back to us. Come and check how it works. 


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