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Coronavirus in Spain - new restrictions


At an extraordinary hearing on October 25, 2020, the Spanish government decided to introduce a new state of emergency throughout Spain.

This new state of emergency, however, differs significantly from the previous one, which lasted from March 14 to June 21, 2020. This new one is to last for 15 days, and then the government will request an extension to May 9, 2021.

Coronavirus in Spain - the most important information about the new restrictions

  • The new state of emergency introduces a prohibition of movement between 23:00 and 6:00 throughout the country, except for the Canary Islands. The governments of the Autonomous Communities may shift these hours by one hour.
  • The new state of emergency has 3 levels, and each Autonomous Community and its regional president will decide if, when and which level will take effect. This will of course depend on the evolution of the pandemic situation.
  • Masks remain compulsory for all 3 levels. They should be worn everywhere, including in restaurants and bars, while not eating or drinking.
  • Smoking: all 3 levels maintain a prohibition of smoking in public places or restaurant terraces if it is not possible to keep a safe distance.

Alert level 1: Restaurants may operate at 75% of normal occupancy inside the premises. A maximum of 10 people can sit at one table, and the distance between the tables should be at least 2 meters.

Alert level 2: Restaurants may operate at 50% of normal occupancy inside the premises. A maximum of 6 people can sit at one table, and the distance between the tables should be at least 2 meters.

⇒ Levels 1 and 2: Adequate ventilation of the restaurant rooms must be ensured. You can order takeaway but you can't sit down and eat at the bar, which the Spaniards really like.

Alarm level 3: Sanitary authorities are to decide whether the interior of a given restaurant can remain open or should it be closed.

 Restaurants can sell take away with home delivery or on-site pickup at all alert levels. 

⇒ Nightclubs remain closed.

Alert levels 1 and 2: It is recommended to limit non-essential journeys outside a certain territorial unit (municipality or province).

⇒ Alarm level 3: It is recommended to leave the house only if necessary, avoiding closed spaces and crowds. Entries and exits from a specific area (municipality or province) are restricted, departures will be allowed only in necessary situations.

⇒ Work: Online work is recommended for all three levels. If it is not possible to work remotely, the employer should arrange the shifts so that employees do not meet in large groups.

⇒Public transport: Cycling or walking will be promoted at all three levels. Timetables will be changed so that the frequency of public transport is as high as possible. In taxis or buses, no more than 2 passengers per row of seats. It is recommended to avoid travelling in rush hours, except for basic activities, commuting to work or school..

Spain's borders remain open.

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