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Andalusia lowers taxes due when buying real estate


Junta de Andalucia decided yesterday to lower 2 types of taxes that property buyers in this autonomous community have to pay. The change was introduced by a special regulation and is valid from today until December 31, 2021. For now, it is difficult to predict what will happen after this date.

ITP tax (Impuesto transmisiones patrimoniales), i.e. property transfer tax

It is paid by the buyer when buying real estate from the secondary market. Until yesterday, the ITP tax was, depending on the value of the transaction, respectively:

  • up to 400,000 EUR – 8%
  • from 401,000 to 700,000 EUR – 9%
  • from 701,000 EUR – 10%

From today until 31.12.2021, the buyer will pay 7% regardless of the value of the transaction.

AJD tax (Actos juridicos documentados), i.e. tax on civil law transactions

It is paid by the buyer when buying real estate from the primary market. Buying from a developer is also subject to VAT at 10%. This tax is also on the buyer's side.

Until yesterday, the AJD tax was 1.5%, from today you will pay 1.2%.

As the tax reduction is temporary for now, if you plan to buy real estate in Andalucia, do so before 31.12.2021.​​​​​​​

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