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11 years have passed so it’s time for the continuation of the story: Where did Dream Property come from


We are just celebrating our 11th birthday. This is a very good moment to summarize the last 2 years, which brought us a lot of emotions, challenges and work. There were sales records and burnout, COVID and lockdown, we expanded the team and… we have sales records again.

After 14 years of living on the Costa del Sol, I still often hear questions: why Spain, why Marbella, where did the idea for a real estate agency come from? Two years ago, I decided to share with you the story of the creation of our real estate agency on the Costa del Sol and this is how the entry "Where did Dream Property, a Polish real estate office in Spain come from?" (link to the post). Life added a continuation to our story.

Best ever financial result and classic "burnout"

When in March 2019 I wrote in our blog entry: "Where did Dream Property, a Polish real estate office in Spain come from?" (link): "Dream has finally become a stable, prosperous company and there is a chance that it will grow even more", I did not know that we would end 2019 with the best result in the company's history, and I would pay for it with a classic "burnout". My body gave me a red card at the end of the year, and I welcomed 2020 with an over two-week illness that completely drained me of my energy.

Sometimes better sometimes worse…

I recovered, rolled up my sleeves and started to work with my team. During the first two months of the year, we worked with Margaret on three transactions, which in total were to give us a profit higher than the one generated in the entire year 2019. Can you imagine? Make a record year profit in a quarter? It was close. And then covid entered the scene, all in white. One of the three transactions remained. But it was a very important one, because it confirmed that what we do and how we do it makes sense. I described it HERE.

Lockdown, hurray optimism and… bees

When President Pedro Sanchez announced a state of emergency in Spain on March 14, 2020, which de facto locked us at home, I was convinced that this whole story would last no longer than 2 or 3 weeks. If I had known then that a year and a half later we would still be stuck in this covid madness, I would probably give up. Hurray optimism sometimes saves lives.

We do our job 

Convinced that we would soon return to normal life and work, to Piotr's question: "What shall we do?", I answered: “We keep doing our job”. After the first two days of the state of emergency, which fell over the weekend, so they were very quiet, my phone started ringing. Friends, clients, acquaintances called and they all asked the same question: "How is it really for you, because it looks terrible in the media". After a few days, tired of answering the same questions several times, I decided to write down the answers.

And this is how the "Diary from the time of the plague" was created. I wrote it on Dream's Facebook profile throughout the duration of the state of emergency. It enjoyed completely unexpected popularity. You waited for the next episodes with great curiosity to juxtapose them with the news from the media. Some episodes were filled with heated discussions, others provoked laughter – and I felt that you were with us, that you cared about us. This feeling helped me a lot, especially at times when the president announced the extension of the state of emergency for another two weeks... and another... and another... My optimism was melting, and it was replaced by fear for the future.

OK, basta. I did what I could. I let go

When the date of lifting the lockdown and the opening of the Spanish borders was finally announced (with the necessary restrictions, of course), I breathed a sigh of relief. I thought we would start working normally from July – but nothing happened. Then September became my next light in the tunnel. It was even more important as on 5 September 2020 we celebrated Dream's 10th anniversary. Unfortunately, instead of good news, it brought kicks and another wave of pandemic in Europe.

In October, I gave up. I had nowhere to draw energy, and the apocalyptic news from the world did not help. Then I said to myself, “OK, that's it. I did what I could. I give up." We gave up the office and went back to the home office, which unexpectedly became fashionable during the pandemic. I closed current affairs and… got back to work. I needed a stepping stone, something new, different, fresh. This is how Eco Valley Spain was founded: a shop with fantastic honeys and natural cosmetics. It would be hard to get anything less similar to real estate, right?

Life, however, can be perverse, and Dream turned out to be more vital than I’ve expected. When I said "enough," suddenly something started moving. There was one client, the second one, the third one... and then 2021 came, and with it the madness on the real estate markets.

"Teamwork is the fuel that enables ordinary people to achieve amazing results." [Andrew Carnegie]

If someone told me last September that we would be celebrating Dream's 11th birthday in five and tripling the 2019 result, I would have thought he was crazy. And yet: Klaudia, Piotrek and me have been joined this year by Agnieszka and Kasia, who we will introduce to you soon. And the result?... Well, ladies don't talk about money ☺.

Dream's eleventh year is a year of miracles. Thanks to our more than three years of hard work on digital marketing, we now receive many interesting customers – you can read the stories of some of them in our Facebook series "From an intermediary's diary" (I write them in Polish but Facebook will translate them for you if necessary ☺).

This diary is actually an interesting thing. When the lockdown ended, I figured "Diary from the time of the plague" was over. When I reported this to you, there were voices saying that this is not possible, because you were used to it and you would miss my stories. Well, I’ve changed a bit the formula of the diary and for over a year now I have been writing for you every week (usually on Sunday evenings) "From an intermediary's diary". And guess what? These entries achieve the best ranges on our FB profile – which means that you enjoy reading them. Thank you!

Generally, we wouldn't be here without you. Dream is a creature that feeds on good relationships with people. It rests on them; thanks to them it grows and flexes its muscles. Of course, Dream is a business and as such must earn, but your satisfaction is our primary fuel. Thank you for being there and that there are more and more of you.

What will the future bring for Dream?

It's a difficult question. What has been going on since March last year, none of us had a chance to predict. For many people, the pandemic turned out to be the end of some plans, assumptions and businesses. For others – a source of income, not always ethically correct. We do our part, adapting to the situation and possibilities. Where will we be next year? I do not know. Hopefully here, keeping to the rhythm that this year has brought. I look to the future with a smile and "con mucha ilusion". I have learned a lot during this year, including that sometimes you have to let go, take a deep breath, go to the beach and watch the sea.

Alexander Graham Bell once said, "When one door closes, another opens, but we often look so long and with such regret at a closed door that we cannot see the door that has opened for us." This is one of my favorite quotes and a great – in my opinion – signpost for all of us. So, I keep looking for the opening doors and I am lucky that I’m not by myself – Dream Team also keeps their eyes and heads open. Klau, Piotrek, Aga and Kasia – thank you!

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